• Limited Edition: Rose Gold Premium Collection Vol.One + Vol.Two

Limited Edition: Rose Gold Premium Collection Vol.One + Vol.Two



The Rose Gold Premium Collection Vol.One & Vol.Two Contains Six Premium Face Brushes, Eight Eye Brushes & One Lip Brush Which Are All Made With Ultra Soft Synthetic Hair, Light Acrylic Handle And A Rose Gold Ferrule.


Flat Angled Brush: Perfect To Use In Hard To Reach Places Such As Side Of Nose And Under The Eye.

Contour Brush: Perfect For Blending Shading Using Bronzer Or Illuminating Powder. 

Stippling Brush: Perfect For Applying Liquid Foundation In A Gentle Circular Motion.

Cheek Brush: The Cheek Brush Deposits The Perfect Amount Of Product For A Flawless Application.

Primer Brush: Perfect To Apply Primer To The Face Giving A Smooth Finish. This Brush Can Also Be Used To Apply Moisturiser Or Even A Mask.

Sculpture Brush: Perfect To Buff Out Cream Along The Jaw Line and Cheekbone Get That Sculptured Look.

Tapered Blending Brush: Prefect To Blend Out Colours With Or Without Product, This Brush Would Be Perfect For A Cut Crease.

Medium Blending Brush: Perfect To Blend Colours For A Flawless Eye Look.

Small Blending Brush: Perfect To Blend Out Eyeshadow In Hard To Reach Areas. You Can Also Use This To Highlight The Brow Bone.

Eyeshadow Brush: Perfect To Apply An All Over Colour.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush: Perfect For Shading The Eye Socket, Gently Follow The Crease Blending Back And Forth To Build Up Depth Of Colour.

Pencil Brush: Perfect To Highlight The Inner Conner Of Your Eyes. Also Can Be Use To Soften Pencil Lines Along The Top And Bottom Lash Line.

Smudge Brush: Perfect For Smudging Out Eyeshadow Or Eyeliner To Give That Smokey Effect.

Brow Brush: Perfect To Give Your Brows That Sharp Defined Look. 

Lip Brush: Perfect To Swipe On Gloss Or Lipstick To The Lips. The Tapered Bristle Will Help Give The Sharp Outline. 

*Vol.One & Vol.Two Are Packed In Separate Gift Boxes*


Care Instructions:

Deep Clean Your BETTY LUXE Brushes Once A Week.

Run Lukewarm Water On The Bristles. Avoid Getting Water On the Metal Part Of The Brush As It Will Loosen The Bristles.

Use A Brush Cleaner Shampoo/Baby Shampoo

Squirt A Small Amount Onto The Palm Of Your Hand, Gently Swirl The Brush.

Rinse Bristles Under Lukewarm Water.

Repeat Steps Until Water Becomes Clear When Rinsing.

Gently Use A Cloth/Towel To Get Rid Excess Water and Wipe Your Brushes Clean.

Lay Your Brushes Flat To Air Dry.



  • Do Not Use A Hairdryer To Dry Your Brushes
  • Do Not Let Water Touch Or Go Into The Metal Of Your Brushes.